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Science for critical thinking

Wellbeing for personal growth

Communication for impact

Winter Workshops
for Children and Teens

15-day programme
2 hours per day
Ages 6-15

Batches begin
December 2023
& January 2024

for queries

94854 32817

At Avenues, we believe that clarity and communication are at the heart of personal growth and success. We understand that it's not just our thoughts and emotions that define us but also the languages we speak, our unique talents, cultural heritage, resilience, and emotional well-being. This camp is designed to empower participants with the tools of scientific thinking, rationality, and emotional regulation to navigate an uncertain future. The camp also aims to cultivate compassion, kindness, trust, respect, and courage, instilling the qualities of exemplary global citizens and agents of change. The APEX Winter Camp of 2023 is based on three themes – STEM, Wellbeing, and Communication.


Wellbeing for personal growth

Build mindfulness and self-worth

Cope with change effectively

Identify & embrace personal strengths



Early resilience building starts with understanding and embracing emotions. In our workshops, each child uncovers strengths and confronts fears and doubts. We prioritize a holistic approach to facing life's challenges and teach healthy conflict resolution strategies.


Science for critical thinking

Develop an interest in Science

Instil a healthy sense of curiosity

Learn to set clear and realistic goals



Today's children face unprecedented challenges. Understanding the reasons behind environmental issues and current events is vital. Our modules use simple science concepts and everyday items to inspire young minds to question, explore, and appreciate the relevance of science in today's world.


Communication for impact

Improve body language and posture

Develop public speaking skills

Express ideas and opinions with clarity



We believe that communication is key to amplifying our potential. How we form our own thoughts and shape our goals, voice our ideas and emotions, express our personality, and represent our beliefs form the bedrock of the immutable human power that is Communication.

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  • Develop a sense of curiosity, begin to ask questions without being afraid.

  • Begin to respect Science and its significance in Human Life.

  • Gain the ability to set meaningful and achievable goals by developing clear intent.

  • Begin practicing self-acceptance by identifying and embracing emotions, values and fears. 

  • Work on managing social anxiety by cultivating circles of trust and practicing mutual respect. 

  • Recognize and articulate their strengths, challenges, abilities, and talents.

  • Understand how to create positive first impressions. 

  • Learn to express ideas with confidence. 

  • Develop powerful body language and public speaking skills.

Contact Us

*Programme fees are to be paid at the Shillong Academy:

Crossways Building, Opposite Nethralaya

Lower Jingkieng 

Nongthymmai - 793014

Phone: 94854 32817

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