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aspire meghalaya

The Aspire Meghalaya Soft Skills & Talent Identification Intervention is a landmark flagship initiative taken up by the Department of Arts & Culture, Government of Meghalaya and supported by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, that is geared towards equipping youth with the life-skills and coping strategies required to live more wholesome, productive lives on the personal and professional fronts.


personal growth

Children and young adults in rural and suburban settings deal with continuous social conditioning that feeds fears, doubts and uncertainty. This module puts in place practices and belief  systems that work to empower every participant with a renewed sense of confidence.

public speaking

English is the language of preference for academics, business and social forums. With the increasing recognition of our youth and their potential in the fields of music, the arts, culture and sports, this module works to provide participants with a firm foundation in public speaking and basic conversational English.

manners & etiquette

Against the backdrop of modern living and contemporary work culture, social graces and everyday manners are relevant and necessary for success. This module aims to groom participants with universally accepted social etiquette.

culture & identity

So much of our tribal identity is crafted from the culture, stories and music of our ancestors. This module encourages participants to re-discover their roots, allowing them to face the world with conviction in who they are and where they come from.

recognising talent

For youth across the State, alternative livelihood opportunities in fields as diverse as music, art, writing, performing and culture are avenues for future employment and recognition. This module plays a pivotal role in talent discovery and helping youth address their aspirations.

critical soft skills

Our soft skills modules cover a range of universally employable skill sets and competencies that aim to prepare participants for the world of work.

work culture

Bridging the gap between rural social settings and the demands of a globalized, urban work-place requires an awareness of corporate culture and professionalism. In this module, participants are taught the finer nuances of office conduct and city life to improve adaptability and emotional resilience.


Leading by example begins when we choose to make responsible decisions wherever we are. This module nudges participants to discover their strengths and leadership traits, to activities centered around the theme of personal impact.







Schools & Colleges


< 12 years: 170

13 - 16 years: 8,861

17 - 18 years: 7,300

19 - 22: 6,263

> 23 years: 744







99.85% of all participants had identified a clear set of values 

The Top 3 Bad Habits that 23% had resolved to give up are procrastination, addiction and anger

100% of all participants had identified a personal strength

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