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Science for critical thinking

Wellbeing for personal growth

Communication for impact

Winter Workshops
for Children and Teens

15-day programme
2 hours per day
Ages 6-15

Batches begin
December 2023
& January 2024

for queries

94854 32817

At Avenues, we are committed towards creating and facilitating safe spaces that nurture the potential of every learner. Our winter workshops are tailored to provide children and teens with a learning experience that is enriching and inspiring, while also ensuring that they immerse in the holiday spirit of the season. The core themes of our winter workshops this year are Scientific Thinking, Wellbeing, and Communication. We believe that every child's journey towards personal excellence begins with having clarity of thought, a keen sense of identity and the ability to communicate with confidence and composure.



Early resilience building starts with understanding and embracing emotions. In our workshops, each child uncovers strengths and confronts fears and doubts. We prioritize a holistic approach to facing life's challenges and teach healthy conflict resolution strategies.



Today's children face unprecedented challenges. Understanding the reasons behind environmental issues and current events is vital. Our modules use simple science concepts and everyday items to inspire young minds to question, explore, and appreciate the relevance of science in today's world.



We believe that communication is key to amplifying our potential. How we form our own thoughts and shape our goals, voice our ideas and emotions, express our personality, and represent our beliefs form the bedrock of the immutable human power that is Communication.

  • Develop a sense of curiosity, begin to ask questions without being afraid.

  • Begin to respect science and its significance in human life.

  • Gain the ability to set meaningful and achievable goals by developing clear intent.

  • Begin practising self-acceptance by identifying and embracing emotions, values and fears. 

  • Work on managing social anxiety by cultivating circles of trust and practicing mutual respect. 

  • Recognise and articulate their strengths, challenges, abilities, and talents.

  • Understand how to create positive first impressions. 

  • Learn to express ideas with confidence. 

  • Develop powerful body language and public speaking skills.


Florinda Viola Ryntathiang
Participant, Avenues Winter Workshop 2022-23

One of the most memorable lessons for me from the Avenues winter workshops is understanding the difference between emotions and feelings and the different types of moods, and learning to use healthy coping skills to deal with my emotions such as anger. I also learnt how to maintain my posture and body language to show confidence while speaking. The power stances have really helped me fidget less and become calmer while speaking in front of people.

Sunny Bamon
Participant, Avenues Winter Workshop 2022-23

Participating in the Avenues winter workshops have helped me become more confident in myself. I learnt different, useful techniques of public speaking, from the way I stand or sit, to the way I use my hands and facial expressions in order to present myself well. The sessions also helped me understand how to cope with and overcome my fears. For instance, the power stances have helped me cope with my fear of public speaking.

George Syiem

The world is now quickly shifting from academic to skills learning. When I sent my daughter to the Avenues winter workshops last year, I have seen how the teachings are very different from what they learn in regular school. For instance, my daughter was found to have some problems with her hand coordination, but through the sessions at Avenues and practice at home with us, she has improved and is even a very gifted artist.

Ibalucky Shisha Khyriem

Some of the most important outcomes from the Avenues winter workshops are seen in the behaviour and mannerisms of the children and their increased sense of responsibility, self-awareness and mindfulness. My colleagues also tell me how their children’s conduct and confidence have improved drastically after participating in these sessions with the trainers at Avenues. It is really inspiring to see how the workshops help shape their minds, values and social skills.

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*Programme fees are to be paid at the Avenues Academy:

Crossways Building, Opposite Nethralaya

Lower Jingkieng 

Nongthymmai - 793014

Phone: 94854 32817

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