We have established ourselves as an organization that works with different communities across geographies – locally, nationally and internationally. Our interventions have evolved over time and we now know that coaching and training are the keys to visible transformation. Our coaches hone intangible qualities that help people learn to own their stories, facilitating them to succeed at work and in life.

We are looking for dynamic and driven individuals who are interested in joining our inspiring team. As we grow into one of the largest and most influential social enterprises in North East India, the need for people with diverse skillsets, experiences and backgrounds has become all the more crucial as we build an organization that will stand the tests of scale and agility.


Enthusiasm for being an agent of positive change in the lives of youth.


Excellent communication skills to lead sessions and connect with students.

team player

A collaborative spirit and the ability to work well in a team.


Openness to acquire and adapt new skills and knowledge on the job. 


A pro-active mettle to always strive for innovation in the training field. 



  • Project planning and administration

  • Liaising with stakeholders

  • Outlining of project schedules and budgets

  • Progress reports and presentations

  • Quality and deliverables

  • Identifying risks and mitigation strategies

  • Analysing and reporting project impact


  • Training and mentoring participants in a range of Soft Skills

  • Life coaching and leadership development assignments

  • Facilitating team development workshops for clients

  • Developing training content and instructional material

  • Mentorship through tele-calling

  • Frequent travel and district based deployment, following an easing of current restrictions

  • Deploying creative facilitation methods in online and physical learning environments


  • Part-time training engagements in soft skills

  • Teaching assignments in specific subject areas - Mathematics, Science, Language & Social Studies

  • District based roles

  • On-site training in Districts / Blocks

  • Mobilisation and tele-calling efforts


  • Co-creating training pedagogies

  • Co-creating frameworks for curriculum design and development

  • Implementing development frameworks within content teams

  • Producing instructional content for distribution

  • Organising resources for instructors and coaches

  • Structuring of training programmes and workshops

  • Development of collateral for trainer support and advancement


  • Writing content for our social media platforms

  • Developing marketing content and copy

  • Research and development efforts for training content

  • In-house and external communiqués

  • Location based assignments (following an easing of current restrictions)

  • Curating press material and press releases


  • Conceptualising storyboards for projects

  • Creating short videos for online content

  • Working on and off-site with project teams

  • Curating footage and b-reel collateral

  • Editing interviews and training session footage

  • Working with content and media leads


  • Data entry operations and data validation

  • Maintaining information in a structured database

  • Interpreting data and visualising information for diverse audiences

  • Analysing project data and providing ongoing quality reports

  • Formatting, layouts and printing of data reports


  • Receiving in-bound calls for a range of processes

  • Placing out-bound calls to clients, citizens and coaches

  • Conducting surveys and studies

  • Basic data entry and online form filling