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Youth in North East India have the power to change their lives and better their communities when they recognize their strengths and embrace their potential.

personal growth

Our Personal growth Programmes encourage you to build confidence and develop your leadership skills. Arm yourself with the belief in your personal ability to lead, discover your purpose and allow our Life Coaches to help you reveal your best self. Group workshops using a mix of elements ranging from collaborative Learning, empathy and the transformational power of music guide you in the attainment of these lifelong skills.

teacher training

We work with educators to equip them with tangible skills and leadership capacities for the classroom. Teachers are leaders and we want to instil in them a sense of ownership for their students’ stories so that the learning experience is infused with light. The teaching profession is passion driven and we want to work with participants so that there may be visible social impact at the grass roots level. We also hope to empower educators with globally recognized teaching practices to tap into their students’ maximum potential preparing them for life.

career readiness

Our Career Readiness Interventions in college campuses and community settings connect youth and the unemployed with universally employable skill sets and competencies for the world of work. Whether it is in the government or private sector or whether our youth are interested in setting up their own businesses, they need certain skills to get there. Our aim is to prepare our college graduates for a successful transition into the workplace and at the same time open up infinite possibilities for them.

We have established ourselves as an organization that works with different communities across geographies – locally, nationally and internationally. Our interventions have evolved over time and we now know that coaching and training are the keys to visible transformation. Our coaches hone intangible qualities that help people learn to own their stories, facilitating them to succeed at work and in life.

aspire meghalaya

Soft Skills Training for Tribal Youth

The Avenues Aspire Meghalaya Initiative furthers a collective youth agenda with like-minded organizations. The interventions cover Workshops, Coaching Experiences and Capacity Building programmes that enable the discovery of potential talent and promise for children and youth in grades six and up.




Training Hours


Personality Development

Culture & Identity

English Speaking Skills

Manners & Etiquette

Work Culture & Professionalism

Leadership Skills


Ministry of Tribal Affairs,

Government of India

through the Department of Arts & Culture, 
Government of Meghalaya |

Government of Meghalaya under State Plan through the Department of Arts and Culture, Government of Meghalaya |

Government of Meghalaya through the Department of Sports and Youth Affairs, Government of  Meghalaya 

The FastFORWARD initiative takes the Avenues experience to campuses in emerging communities. The interventions are geared towards equipping young adults with the skills and coping strategies required to live more wholesome, productive lives, encouraging welfare and success on the personal and professional fronts as they leave school and college. Interventions are funded by campus administration or State government/ Central ministry mandates.




Training Hours


Improved Placements

Heightened Confidence

Emotional Well-being

Better Communication

Enhanced Interpersonal Skills


National Institute of Technology, Manipur

Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyaan (RUSA)

Education Department, Government of Meghalaya


Career Readiness & Soft Skills on Campuses

leap meghalaya

Life Skills, Employability, Aspirations & Purpose

LEAP Meghalaya is our state-wide, flagship youth development programme, wholly funded by the Government of Meghalaya. The initiative is aimed at nurturing aspiration, personal growth and critical thinking skills for students in at-risk communities and geographies within the State’s districts. 




Training Hours


Happier Children

Emotional Well-being

Heightened Confidence

Self-worth & Dignity

Cultural Awareness

Work-life Readiness

Better Interpersonal Skills

Recognition of Aspirations

Improved Attendance at Schools


Department of Sports & Youth Affairs, 
Government of Meghalaya

Octovi A Sangma.PNG

Octovi A Sangma



AVENUES, has taught me a lot and I really enjoyed the workshops by them. The programme has taught me how to overcome my fears and also about teamwork, hard work, power stances and how to present myself on stage. Yesterday, I overcame my fear by performing on stage. Although I still feel the  fear, the programme has given me the confidence to take the steps to get up on stage.


devika sohkhwai



AVENUES has helped me a lot in improving how I interact with people and how to speak in front of people, especially since I previously had stage fright. The most important thing that I learned is to explore my own mind, my words and feelings. I should respect myself first and only then can I give respect to others and receive it in return. Thank you so much for encouraging me to come forward and for setting me free from limiting myself.


banjop mawnai



Aspire Meghalaya has taught me many things and one of them is how to look at life from a better perspective. I did not have a great outlook on life before this programme, but it has taught me how to deal with situations better and how to better understand this world. This kind of programme is very much important because it inspires us and the coaches have given us someone to look up to. This programme has impacted a generation that will be leading the future.


phindariti nongphlang



I have learned many things from this programme such as the skills I will need as I progress in life. This type of programme is important because it has inspired me and you need to be inspired to inspire someone else in turn. If someone is talented then they may be scared to show it in school because more emphasis is placed on studying from books but this programme has made us strong and has equipped us with the skills to move forward in life.

Rijiedmi Lamin.png

rijiedmi lamin



I would like to express my gratitude to the AVENUES team as a whole for their incredible work that has had a great impact on us as students. The experience has made us more confident in forging ahead in our lives; it has transformed us into active and independent persons who have the courage and the confidence to face our fears. The programme has been a blessing and within just two weeks of the sessions, we have learned so much from the programme.

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