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Almost everyone believes crisis builds character, but the truth is we reveal shades of ourselves when the going gets tough. Life coaching is a powerful personal tool that helps you rediscover your values, by challenging the story you've told yourself. An experienced life-coach can unlock your potential, nudging you towards the story you choose to write for yourself as you conquer crises and rise to every occasion.  

RESET is AVENUES' own brand of life coaching that promises incredible impact for everyone.

The reset Philosophy


You deserve to be heard.

Having someone to address fears, share goals and imagine new paths with is a beautiful thing.


Empathy is extraordinary. 

A coaching conversation with an AVENUES Life Coach is engaging, meaningful and safe. 


A choice is a beginning.

A Life Coach will gently nudge you to accomplish your goals through choices that you commit to.


Start strong. Finish stronger.

A coach holds you accountable as you move from choices to action. Build your dreams with everyday action.

Meet your reset Coaches


Mark Laitflang Stone

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Mark moves from one day to the next with the speed of lightening as he juggles his numerous and diverse roles as a family man, an entrepreneur and the driving force behind his team. A conversation with Mark will not only uplift you but also ground you at the same time. While he will expertly guide you to confront your fears and doubts, he will also help you chart a tangible course of action that will propel you to scaling new heights – in life as well as at work.

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Jasmine Laitphlang Stone

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Jasmine has committed over 13 years of her life building our curriculum and sharpening our collective coaching axes. Warm, open and accepting of life's many falls, failures and successes, her ability to get you to recognize the beliefs that are holding you back is unrivalled. A coaching conversation with Jasmine is uplifting, warm and transformative.


Daphi Kharhujon

Daphishisha's journey from coaching to administration and partnership building for our interventions with youth have tested her resilience and survival in challenging environments. A favourite across audiences, her unique perspectives on life, love and leadership consistently inspire us all. A coaching conversation with Daphi will leave you motivated and clear about your choices. 


Dari Kharwar

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Dari loves people, and everyone loves Dari. From the youngest of our participants to seasoned veterans in leadership, Dari’s keen sense of adventure, humour and human connection brings out the best in everyone. He’s effortlessly transitioned through the worlds of sales & marketing, life skills coaching and faith-based leadership development for adolescents and working professionals. A conversation with Dari is firmly rooted in timeless values, spontaneity and raw faith in action.

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Preeti Chhetri

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Preeti’s extensive background in formal academic structures and coaching for communication skills, lends her a unique combination of world views. Her positivity is infectious, and her humility and candour gently nudge you to explore the fears, doubts and beliefs you wouldn’t choose to share with anyone else. A conversation with Preeti will imprint persistence and tenacity as you sharpen your goals.

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