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Teaching For Tomorrow

An AVENUES initiative to improve soft skills and facilitation skills in school teachers

A large section of Meghalaya’s young workforce chooses to enter the education system in teaching and related roles. This provides an ideal premise for integration of innovative thought and modern inspiration into the existing educational framework. Empowering school teachers with the professional skill sets to nurture the future is key, making teaching the ideal channel for the provision of a platform that equips learners with academic and life competencies needed to thrive in a competitive world and in the midst of uncertainties. New world skills or 21st century skills are what will take our youth and state forward, and it is essential that the education ecosystem help provide the impetus needed to leverage this momentum.

To prepare for a tomorrow where engineers will make good agriculturists, and psychologists will contribute to the gaming industry, the existing educational system needs to make room for a new wave of skilling requirements in the regular curriculum. With our Teaching for Tomorrow© (TFT) Programme for school teachers, we believe we are taking the first step today towards a brighter tomorrow!

Gaps Addressed


Harmonizing personal identity and values with institutional values of responsibility, accountability, and courage for cohesive alignment and ethical integration.


Improving classroom management by means of incorporating Whole Brain teaching techniques and best practices amongst faculty members


Fostering a secure learning environment for children, free from fear, by employing empathy and Whole Brain teaching methodologies effectively.


Structured lesson plans using 6E model and Bloom’s Taxonomy for outcome-driven learning with focus on Knowledge, Understanding, Application.


Modern jobs and new world careers demand more roles where decision making, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving are as paramount as being a subject matter expert. Teachers, now more than ever, have the responsibility to facilitate a conducive, dynamic and inclusive environment of learning. The world of work today is a competitive one, with heightened importance on innovation, communication and consensus. Arming young adults with life skills and the confidence to build on their interests, cultivate critical thinking and problem solving will take precedence over our traditional understanding of imparting knowledge. Against the backdrop of the Knowledge-Understanding-Application framework, the programme is themed around AVENUES’ MECCA model







Teaching for Personal Transformation

Teaching's pivotal role lies in shaping students' growth. The teachers learned techniques in this module to foster an environment where students can discover aspirations, purpose, and life paths.

Teachers, by program's end, mastered 21st-century leadership, aligned values with the institute's vision, shared best practices, and adeptly addressed student challenges with diverse tools.



Most of the time, a teacher’s focus goes into the completion of the syllabus. So, I felt that there was a need to help our teachers understand that they need to approach the field of education in a holistic manner. Only then can our students become fully prepared to not only succeed in life, but more importantly to grow into good citizens in the future. The Teaching for Tomorrow programme has been great success and I am sure we will see it bear fruit in the days to come.

Fr. Nicholas A Sangma
 Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Dadenggre

Margaret Lyngdoh_edited.jpg

The experience was both amazing and enjoyable, providing valuable insights into personality development. I learned to use hand gestures to boost confidence, enhancing my lecture delivery for the benefit of students. Additionally, I recognized the importance of not solely focusing on academics; the curriculum plays a vital role in the comprehensive development of the child, shaping my perspective on education for a more holistic approach.

Margaret Lyngdoh
Saint Claret Higher Secondary School, Nongmensong

English teacher_edited.png

I have always had an interest in learning new teaching techniques and innovative ideas which may be used to motivate my students to find the joy in learning. The programme has helped me realise that it is only when young boys and girls are encouraged to think critically and to reason can they become meticulous in their studies. I can say that I have been instilled with the qualities like affection, truthfulness, honesty, rationality, and resourcefulness.

Cherak D Sangma
Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Dadenggre

Balarina Kharmawlong_edited.jpg

My experience with Avenues has been both dynamic and enlightening, marking my first engagement. Whole brain teaching introduced valuable techniques to capture student attention, promising future sessions. Time with the Avenues team has been enjoyable, and I am grateful. Looking ahead, I hope for more sessions, applying newfound knowledge to foster an open-minded approach among students for a richer learning experience in the classroom.

Balarina Kharmawlong
Saint Claret Higher Secondary School, Nongmensong

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